Our business: to meet your industrial dehumidification needs

With over 25 years experience, CPAD Solutions® develops and manufactures custom industrial dehumidification solutions in industries as diverse as food processing, chemicals, aeronautics, energy. ..
CPAD Solutions® offers its expertise, technological know-how and engineering of air treatment systems to meet your specific technical criteria
We design customized solutions that fulfill your requirements in terms of humidity, environmental and industrial production, as each location, each process and each environment is unique.
We produce robust and simple to install dehumidification systems, to reduce or remove moisture and the prevent the formation of frost or ice in your industrial processes
All our products are made with French and European materials in our workshop, and in compliance with current standards. All solutions are competitive, unique and innovative, ensuring energy consumption savings and reducing the environmental impact.



CPAD Solutions Worldwide

From the food industry to the chemical industry, CPAD Solutions® has delivered more than 500 units worldwide.
Do you have a project abroad?

Our expertise has already been exported to Asia, South America, Central America and also Africa and, of course, Europe. We can support your projects on all continents ...