Compact autonomous industrial dehumidifiers

Designed to operate in the most humid environments, CPAD Solutions® dehumidifiers lower the air temperature to the dew point and control humidity, to the desired outputs, to optimize air treatment.

Our autonomous, high efficiency dehumidifiers combine different technologies to adapt to your specific environment and your performance requirements (humidity and temperature): direct expansion systems alone or with absorbing wheels, chilled water systems alone or with electrical heaters.

CPAD Solutions® Dehumidifiers avoid corrosion, mold or bacterial growth and condensation by sucking up ambient moist air and cooling it to a temperature below its dew point.

The benefits of the CPAD Solutions® process

Optimal energy consumption: with built-in energy recovery
Management of hygrometry and temperature outputs: Preset your humidity levels with the integrated hygrostat.

Application areas
  • - Food industry (powdered milk processing, production of chocolates, biscuits, chewing gum, gelatin and dry yeast)
  • - Industry Pneumatic Conveying (silo, storage, production line: food, chemical, bread drying, edible algae drying).
  • - Composite, Chemical (coating)