To guarantee fast and affordable dehumidification

For over 25 years, we have supported companies specializing in pneumatic conveying and provide solutions to lower humidity during the transport, production or storage of hygroscopic products. Our dehumidifiers help to achieve optimum environmental conditions in all industrial processes.

The wide range of CPAD SOLUTIONS® deshumidifiers allows you to create a fully customized solution based on the dry air needs of your process.

Our concept of Compact autonomous industrial dehumidifiers that combine different technologies: direct expansion with or without absorbing wheels, adapts to the specific environmental conditions that your process requires.

Our dehumidifiers are customizable and configurable to exactly meet different applications and all sectors.
Our experts will propose the most suitable process for your technical constraints.

Our models developed for storage silos

- Autonomous dehumidifier DS 300 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier DS 500 m3 / h

Our models developed for industry

- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 500 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 750 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 1000 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 1250 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 1500 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 2000 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 3000 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 3500 m3 / h
- Autonomous dehumidifier TA 4000 m3 / h


- Energy savings with optimized power consumption by energy recovery
- Control of temperature and humidity outputs through the built-in humidistat
- Fast Drying and economic control of humid air
- Easy Installation
- Low maintenance
- Body available in epoxy coated or stainless steel