Secure your environment!

Our compact Anti-frost dehumidifier is designed to be installed in the most confined spaces and outside the perimeter you have defined to facilitate its access and optimize the storage volume.

Featuring low power consumption, it will improve your production environment by preventing fogging, eliminating slippery surfaces and helping to protect enclosed spaces from moisture. Ideal for cold rooms and storage areas, the CPAD Solutions® compact Anti-frost dehumidifier regulates humidity and temperature control. In your industrial premises, you can manage in the best conditions, your storage of moisture-sensitive products and avoid the formation of frost and ice for the safety of your employees. Retailers, the food and pharmaceutical industries require solutions tailored to their operational and performance constraints. With its innovative concept, CPAD Solutions® has been meeting their requirements for over 25 years.

Among our models already developed for the food industry, negative cold rooms -20 ° C / -25 ° C

- MCO 300 Compact De-icing Dehumidifier
- Compact De-icing Dehumidifier AGC 500
- Compact De-icing Dehumidifier AGC 800

- Compact design
- Low electrical power
- Easy Installation
- Low maintenance